Kittens available. Call for more information.

All of our cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, leukemia and feline AIDS negative, litter trained – unless otherwise stated.

Amanda: Tabby/white. Born 10/16/2014. Afraid of most people, but will come for treats. Needs a kind, loving home with a great deal of patience.

Crystal: My name is Crystal. I am 7 years old and I know I have many more years left to brighten up someone’s life. Don’t you think I have the most unique markings on my beautiful face? I do. I am very affectionate and I will give you head butts if you let me. Take me home. Please??? More about Crystal. She is spayed, up to date on shots, leukemia and feline aids negative and litter trained.

Custer: I am a young male in need of a permanent address. Will it be yours? I am all black, handsome round face, and a sturdy body. I am a little shy, but I will come around in no time. Come see me. More about Custer. He is neutered, up to date on shots , litter trained, and would probably get along with other animals.

Fonzi & Charlie: We want to be placed together. I am a dark tiger and my friend is orange and white. We are about a year old. My friend is a little shy, but warms up pretty quickly. We won’t ruin your furniture because we are declawed on the front. More about Charlie and Fonzi. Both are neutered, leukemia and feline aids negative, litter trained, and up to date on shots. They are both front-declawed.

Gia: I am a beautiful 6 month old calico looking for my forever home. I am currently in a foster home with cats and a dog. I get along with both. I love my dog companion the best. We cuddle up together and take naps together. I enjoy my toys and share them with my four legged friends. More about Gia. She is spayed, leukemia and feline aids negative, and up to date on shots. She is litter trained. Very sweet kitty.

Lucca: Born 10/14/2013

Luna: Russian Blue female. I am looking for a permanent home with loving people and a cat or two to be my best buds. I am very loving and would fit in almost anywhere. I like a snack every day, but I want to keep my girlish figure, so don’t overdo it. My picture doesn’t do me justice. I am a gorgeous young feline. More about Luna. She is about a year old, leukemia and feline aids negative, spayed, up to date on shots, and litter trained. She is also micro chipped.

Malcolm: My name is Malcolm. I am in need of a home that will not smother me with love. I like attention but in small doses. I like to be independent and explore my options, like windowsills, beds, under beds, dressers, on top of them too. I am a lover, but on my terms. More about Malcolm: He is neutered, leukemia and feline aids negative, shots, and litter trained. He is orange and white and he is declawed in the front.

Miles and Jack: White male short hairs with small patch of beige tabby on top of their heads. Born 2020. We were born in Allentown and came to the shelter together. We needed a little TLC and lived with a foster family until we became “cage worthy”. We graduated to the “cat room” quickly. We are high energy residents. We have to go out together. We will entertain you for hours.

Odin: Long haired tuxedo. Born 05/14/2018

Vana: Tiger/white. Born 8/1/2017. Mother is Amanda. Shy. Afraid of strangers. Needs a home with a lot of patience and ability to spend a lot of time with her.

Victor: My name is Victor. I am very shy and afraid of strangers. I need a home with someone who will be mega patient with me. My mom and sister are here too. They are just like me. I have been at the shelter for a couple of years now. No one wants to take a chance on me. I understand, but I really feel there has to be someone out there with a kind and compassionate heart who would be willing to let me live in their home, feed me, clean my litter box, and love me just the way I am. More about Victor. He is about 2 years old, neutered, leukemia and feline aids negative, and up to date with shots. He is tiger and white and very handsome.