Joey: I am a real cutie. I am young and energetic. I play ball, chew on toys, and sometimes if I am bored, I will be naughty and chew on my bed. I love people and other animals. I need a home with activity. Kids and other animals are great. More about Joey: he is neutered, up to date on shots, and housebroken. He is one year old. He likes to run around in a fenced yard. He is very fast and will chase squirrels.

Midnight: I think people misunderstand my behavior toward other dogs. I bark at them, but I don’t lunge at them like I am going to fight. I will protect my home and family, but I am not mean. I love people. Our volunteers at the shelter all say I am a great dog. I have been here for awhile and they have observed me. My old owners said I was a very neat and tidy dog. They said I am one of the best house pets they have ever had. I never have an accident. I only have to go out 4 times a day, after breakfast, midday, after supper, and bedtime. I have a very good bladder. I need a fenced yard or on a leash at all times. I will chase animals. More about Midnight: he is neutered, up to date on shots, completely housebroken, and a joy to have around. He is a little over two years old,and very smart. He is a lab/terrier mix and he is black and white.